Refrigerator Problems – DIY Troubleshooting Tips

Refrigerator Problems – DIY Troubleshooting Tips

We’re pleased to present an article on troubleshooting some common refrigerator problems, courtesy of our friends at Denver Appliance Masters. These guys really know what they’re talking about when it comes to fixing all kinds of appliances, and I’ve learned a ton went I spent some time with them a couple of years ago. Anyway, hopefully you’ll find this article informative and helpful.

denver 2When you have to do work on your refrigerator’s defrost system because it’s not working right, what you may have to do is use a blow dryer to evenly move around and melt all the ice on here so it is completely clear. Once you do that, you can turn the unit back on and plug everything back in. Just remember though, like we remind everyone on our website at, it’s best to let it defrost for twenty four hours, make sure there is not anything still frozen, but if you need to, you can use a hair dryer, be careful not to have it in one spot for very long because you will melt your plastic liner inside your refrigerator.

So what I am going to do now is I am going to remove the screws that are holding the heaters in place, there is one on each side, once I remove them, the heaters will come free, the wires that they are connected to will run up and I’ll be able to pull them down as well, once you remove the four screws, you’re going to remove the heater and the assembly, you just got to work it out from where it is cause it is kind of frozen in place, the termination is all the way back up over here, just follow the wires, and she’ll pop right off, and now to have a new part out, I’m going to start positioning it to where it goes, I’m going to start with the bottom heater cause I can let the heater that goes up on top, just hang for a seconds.

Lay it on the bottom, I’m sorry, going to take it and position it where it’s right, it’s got tabs on the heater bracket so you know which way it goes, they sit on top of it, but just remember that the metal flat piece goes out not the open side, you set it like this, right on the bottom on a place, and I’m going to screw it in place. Then when I’ve got the screw in place, I’m going to go ahead and position the other one, may need to hold it with both hands up in position, got the screw in place, and you got to want to make sure that the wire’s are tucked out of the way.

This side, going to run these back up the side through the top, get your defrost termination hooked into place, get your wires for the most part, reposition where they do go, once you get them back in place, your plug, put your three fills sit on the top, you’re two quarter inch on the bottom and you can turn the unit back on, so once you’ve got it all put back together, you’re going to put the back panel on if you’re already defrosting it with a blow dryer, you will go ahead and do so now, I would lay a couple of towels inside and also make sure you have access to the bottom of it to make sure that there is any water left on the floor, if you’re not going to let it defrost or, if you’re going to let it defrost overnight then you can stop right here, leave the door open, lay a couple of decent sized towels inside the refrigerator.

Inside the freezer sections to cover the drain hole so the water will go into the towels and lay a couple out on the floor just so whatever water comes off, it gets caught by the towels and then tomorrow morning, if you check it, right to twenty four hours, you check it and it’s completely defrosted, you can then put your back on, put all the due knowledge to the back on cause it will be defrosted in twenty four hours and the customer will be able to turn the unit back on at that point, okay so just slide the back panel on place again, you come In from one side, once it’s in there, it goes pretty much around the other side of the bracket as well, we’re going to put our screws in the top first, and two more to go across the bottom, put your shelves back in and that will conclude our repair for the day.

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