New Kitchen Faucet Installation – Part 2

New Kitchen Faucet Installation – Part 2

kitchen faucet diagram 2We’re just picking up where we left off in our first part of this kitchen faucet installation. If you missed it, you can get caught up by going here for part 1.

Now we’re going to get down below and try to do a few things under the sink for the actual hook up. Okay so here we are underneath our sink, you can see we’ve got our drain pipe and our water lines and everything. There is quite a bit going on under there but as we just kind of zoom in underneath there, I’m going to try to get a shot of the bottom side where the faucet comes through the counter top. It’s going to be a little difficult to tell what everything is because there are so many lines coming out.

But as I zoom up there you can see how our bottom of this faucet comes through the counter and that has a slightly different fastening setup then the one I showed you up top but you can kind of make out some bits and pieces there, it’s really hard to see but basically that what you’re going to see from up underneath the counter is is everything coming through that single hole, all the lines feeding down and into the cabinet space. So as we back back out of the cabinet, we’ll just have a quick look at the water line set up.

kitchen sink water linesYou can see them here to the left hand side so I’ve got a hot and cold water, you can see I’ve got all sort of two T valves in there and I’ve talked about those in other videos I believe but one of them is for the ice maker coming out of the cold line and one of them, for the ice maker and the fridge and other one will be for a dish washer hookup coming out of the hotline then on the top of those two lines are the valves for the actual sink so the one on the left is the hot, it goes up and hooks right on to the bottom of the faucet and the one on the right had to use an extension line and then it comes up and hooks on to the line on the cold side of the faucet.

So you know not a whole lot to that, it’s just a matter of routing your hoses trying to keep them out of the way and that sort of thing, so we’ve dealt with the water lines and now if you have a look you can see the actual pull up and you can see the football shaped weight that’s on that line to hold it down so if I was to pull out the spout up top, you can see how the hose moves and the way that that football wants to pull it back down into somewhat the same area so that it isn’t getting tangled up with any other lines. So that’s really what that football does and you have to install that once you have everything else down there so you can make sure it’s working properly.

So I think that’s the main thing that I can tell you for the faucet and again like I said, this is just a bit of an overview on the general idea of what you’re going to run across, it’s going to be a little different from faucet to faucet.

Okay so I think that’s going to be a wrap on this post for installing a kitchen sink faucet, we just wanted to touch on the basics of it like I said before a couple of times. There are lots of different faucets so it’s going to mean it’s going to change ever so slightly so check your instructions with the faucet you get and good luck on installing it.

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