Installing a Kitchen Faucet

Installing a Kitchen Faucet

kitchen faucet diagramToday we’re going to have a look at how to install a kitchen faucet. So we’ve actually already installed the actual faucet that we’re using here but I’ve purchased a very similar one just so we can show you the basics of what you’re going to go through to put it in with the small cabinet under this particular sink. It’s pretty hard to get down there to show you very much.

So one of the main things is you’re going to have a few choices, you could have a faucet such as this one that has a single lever of some sort, it could be on the side, it could be on the back whatever.

It could have two taps on each side so obviously style is whatever your preference is. This particular one also has a pull out nozzle and also for spraying the same coat okay? So that’s also another option that it could have. Now with this particular one you can see obviously where it goes down through the counter top, you only need one hole so again most of these faucets are going to come as some sort of a finished plate, just in case you’re doing this as part of a….just a retro fitted to an existing setup where you maybe had three holes in the top of the sink before.

This end along this plate with the single hole faucets so that you can put it down much like we did on this sink right here, this one has a plate as well covering up, there’s another hole here and here, okay so you don’t have to use this but if you need It to cover some other holes, they generally have that included in the kit as well as the little gasket place that goes into it, okay so in our case we did need that because the sink had three holes in it, also in the kit if you’ve got the pull out sprayer you’re going to find a black football shaped heavy weight and what that does is once you have the faucet installed, we’ll show this down underneath but once you have it all installed this week, it get’s actually put on to this black hose.

So that when you have the nozzle out the actual weight of this football wants to pull that hose back down and keeps it from getting tangled up underneath. Okay so you have a weight, if you have this style of faucet. Then you’re going to have a bag of miscellaneous little washers and gaskets and that sort of thing depending on again the type of faucet that you have. Now down below here if you look on this faucet we’ve got a three other lines coming out of here. Okay so we’ve got a hot feed right here and it’ll usually be labeled with some kind of tag that’ll tell you if it’s hot or cold, one of them will.

kitchen faucet installationGenerally it’s the hot. So this is where the hot water line would hook to, this is where the cold water feed would hook to and this line right here. You’d pull of this cap that’s on the palm of it and when you have the faucet all installed because this one has a sprayer, the sprayer line actually connects to that. So if you have a sprayer pullout sprayer that’s what you’re going to see is three lines coming out of the bottom and those are all below the counter top obviously.

Okay so we’ve got that, as far as water lines go you have probably seen me use these flexible berated hoses in another videos dealing with water supply. There are various lengths so it’s just a matter of getting the appropriate length for the distance you have to go, sometimes your faucet will even have basically one of these on each line as well and hopefully it’s long enough if they aren’t then you just need to buy an extension that looks similar to these as well. Okay so you don’t need a whole lot of tools, you will need to drill a hole if you don’t have one in your counter to fit this.

Your instructions will tell you how big that should be and after that basically you’re going to need a multi end screwdriver, a small wrench possibly and maybe some water pump pliers and that should really get you through all this installed. Okay so again the steps would be, you’re going to have a hole in your counter top sink. You’re going to get your faucet itself dropped into that hole and from there you’re going to climb down underneath and hook up the various tighteners or fasteners that hold it in this case.

On this one here, this here you would thread off before you stick to the counter top. We’ve got a couple of other accessory washers here that you would slide on over all that and then this would go on again and these bolts here on each side, want you to have this close to snug with snug everything down un-tight. Every faucet has a little different setup so this is just one example of what it might be, it could be simply a nut that goes on and holds it on but usually it’s going to be a couple of washers and that sort of thing.

OK, this is getting a little long (maybe I should say it GOT a little long…), so we’re going to cut this particular post here and we’ll carry on in our next post, which you’ll find by clicking here.

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