Growing Your Own Lawn From Seed

Growing Your Own Lawn From Seed

If you have a bare spot in your lawn and you are trying to grow grass, I’ve got a few key steps to follow, to guarantee success. The first thing is you want to pick a real good quality grass seed and depending on your area, you’re going to want sunny, shady or a blend of sunny and shade seed.

Growing Your Own Lawn From Seed 2What you want to spread in the area, you want to about ten to fifteen grass seeds per square inch. You don’t want to overdo it, but you need to make sure you have enough, so that it gives good coverage. So you want to make sure you are touching soil. If the seed doesn’t touch soil, it’s not going to germinate.

So if you need to rake up or remove any debris on top, get it organized, get it clean and the seed needs to touch soil. The second thing is get a real good quality starter fertilizer and you want to put just a little bit down. Once the seeds start to grow and the roots have used up all the nutrients inside the seed itself and start to push into the soil, they need nutrients.

So a little bit of starter fertilizer. The other thing you could do is you can get some soil that has a fertilizer built into it, they have like a garden soil you can spread down. But you need seed touching soil, you need a little bit of starter fertilizer and then the most important thing is we need to mist it twice a day for two weeks at least.

If you have a blend of seeds, you are going to have some seeds that germinate within two weeks, you’ll have some that will go up to four weeks, so it’s important that you are looking at your grass as it grows and you want to make sure you are misting it at least twice a day for two weeks. And that’s the key.

Growing Your Own Lawn From Seed 3A lot of people let it dry out. And rather than taking your hose and just flooding this area, where it would push the seed around and pile it up, you want to use some type of spray nozzle that’s going to give you a mist option, so that you can mist the area and keep the seed where it is.

The forth thing is we really want to concentrate on the time of the year when the temperature is between forty-five and seventy-five degrees, that’s the optimum temperature for grass seed to not only germinate, but also those seedlings, once they start to sprout, they don’t dry up and die.

So put down your seed about fifteen seeds per square inch and you want to make sure it touches soil, a little bit of starter fertilizer and mist it twice a day for at least two weeks. One the seedlings reach one inch high, then you can go down to one watering a day and then when your seedlings are two inches high, you can actually start to mow it.

One you mowed your lawn two or three times, you can cut back in watering to once a week. And if you follow those steps, you can have a wonderful grass.

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