Fixing an Icemaker – Viking Refrigerator Repair – Las Vegas Appliance Masters

Fixing an Icemaker – Viking Refrigerator Repair – Las Vegas Appliance Masters

Today we’re working on a 40 inch, side by side built in, Viking refrigerator; the customer’s complaint is that the ice maker’s not producing ice. So I already have had it diagnosed that for this refrigerator repair (according to, the ice maker needs to be replaced.

What I did was, I tried manually jumping out the ice maker with the insulated jumper wire and it did not jump out. So i did make sure that the ice maker is getting voltage and it is so we’re going to replace the ice maker now.


Before beginning any repair, always be sure to disconnect the power to the appliance. It is also recommended to test the outlet for proper voltage.

The tools you will need to complete this repair is a quarter inch nut driver or a quarter inch nut driver bit and associated with a screwdriver.

First thing we’re going to do is open the door of course and we’re going to remove the ice bin and the ice bin cover. First the ice bin cover, you just pull it and slide toward you. You’re going to have to angle it out to get it out the way.

Next, we’re going to remove the ice bin. We don’t have to, we’re just giving ourselves more area to work. So, you want to lift up a little bit, just pull it straight out. As you can see the ice maker is a component right here, it’s a whole assembly.

To un knob the ice maker, we’re going to go ahead and loose the left quarter inch screw and completely remove the right quarter inch screw, once, we’ve done this, we can lift up on the ice maker.

To remove it, as you can see the fill tube came along with it, that usually doesn’t happen, grab the fill tube and set it aside for now. There’s a wire connector that the ice maker plugs into on the left hand side here. So we’re going to go ahead and squeeze the clips together and pull right out.

When you order a new ice maker, the new ice maker does not come off the arm, the hardware walk thru the wires in the back, the clip that holds the wire in place and the clip that holds the fill tube in place.

So, to remove the arm here, you just going to literally just pull out and you can see it came out really easy and then pull out on the fill cup, set it aside.

To remove the wire harness, first you’re going to remove the cover that I already pulled off. To pull that off, you flip it around, there’s little inserts on the bottom side, you just pull up on the insert and it will come right off.

Once you’re ready to disconnect the wire harness, you want to pull the first clip off that holds the wires in place and will pull right off. Sometimes, you know, give you a little bit of trouble. Once that’s done, this is the fuse, there’s a clip that the fuse is inserted into. So you just want to pull back on the clip and pull the clip out.

Now, we’re ready to disconnect the wires. So there’s a clip that holds the wire harness in place and you want to push the wires in while depressing the clip down and then pull out. Well it’s the fill cup, fill tube holder; you just pull it right up.

Now, we’re ready to install the hardware into the new ice maker. We’re going to start with the wire harness here; again it just going to slide right into place, you just push in. Once it is inserted, you will hear it snap into place and then you can attach the fuse to its connector and then attach the holder into its position that’s right below the mounting screw.

Once that’s set, we want to go ahead and reattach the fill tube holder into place; you just find its location and then push straight down.

Next, we’re going to reinstall the old arm into its place and doing so, we’re going to insert the wiggly part of the arm into the actual ice maker handle and you’ll just push right into place. Once it is place, we can go ahead and attach the other part of the arm into the fill cup; we just push that right into place as well.

Now, we’re ready to install the new ice maker. To do so, the first step is going to be, reinsert the Molex connector into the right hand corner, its right underneath the fill tube. It’s key to go only go one way in, so there’s no incorrect way to do it.

Once you line it up, you’ll just push right on and then you can remount the ice maker into place. Once it hanged in there, you want to go ahead and reinsert the right hand screw into place. You can tighten it all the way.

After installing, I’m running a test on the ice maker to make sure that ice maker is functioning properly. You can now re install the ice bin. You just line it up on the slide and push it right straight back.

Now we can reinstall the ice bin cover and that will also be angled in and then just once in place, we’ll just push straight back. Once those two have been returned, the ice maker repair will be now complete.

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