How to Fix a Leaky Dishwasher Door

How to Fix a Leaky Dishwasher Door

Leaky Dishwasher DoorsDon’t you hate it when this happens to you?… I was just standing here at my sink when my foot got wet because I was standing in a puddle. I realized the dishwasher door was leaking. There’s a little drip right here which forms the puddle. I’m going to show you where the problem is (at least with this model, yours might not be the same.) This is a Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner. They have these screws here and they’re a little loose. You can see that it looks fine right here, but if you push down, do you see how it’s sticking up? That’s enough that when it closes against the door, it creates a little gap right here and water can drip out.

To tighten it, you’re going to need to use a security bit. This is a “T-15.” I recommend just getting a whole set of these bits, you can see that there are all kinds organized by size. I got this for about ten or fifteen bucks. I’m going to take these out. Here’s what you need to use, this is “Thread Locker” which comes in different kinds and different brands. The red is more permanent, the blue is temporary. This is a bunch of glue that we’re putting on right now. Put it back in the hole and tighten it pretty good. That should hold for a long time. If you just tighten it instead of putting the glue on, it’s just going to happen again. I know from experience. Look at this one, it’s loose too. I’m just taking it out and putting a little glue on the thread.

Leaky Dishwasher Door gasketIf you’re sure that these aren’t your problem, my friends at Appliance Masters tell me you should check the gasket. It’s this rubber lining that goes all the way around. See if there are any cuts or breaks in it. If so, you might just need to replace it. You could just need a new seal. Sometimes you have a spatula or something that was just in the wrong place and blocking the door from closing all the way, but that would usually be a one time leak. If it’s a consistent leak, you either have a problem with your seal or there are screws sticking out of your door. That would be the case if you have a puddle here, at the corner.

You can take off this part (I already took off one screw, I’m going to take out the one on the other side.) If you’re getting a puddle way under here, then that could be a pump problem or some other leak, and that’s a totally different fix. Just for reference, this is a Whirlpool model “GU2455XTSS0.” “SS” at the end of model numbers usually just means “stainless steel.” They might have a “B” for black or “W” for white. I hope that has helped you, if so please give a “like”! Thanks!

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