Dryer Won’t Start? Troubleshooting Tips

Dryer Won’t Start? Troubleshooting Tips

clothes dryer problems 1If your dryer won’t start at all, you need to start with the easiest problems first. Assuming that it has power and you’ve checked the breaker, there’s three things you can also check, easy to fix and they’re cheap according to the guys I talked to from appliancerepairtucsonaz.org. Each door of a dryer has a switch. At this one is right here, it might be a different color, might be in a different spot, but a dryer is not going to turn on, just for safety reasons, if the door is open.

So you can test this switch just by listening to it. Hear that clicking noise. A bad switch will often not make any noise, it will sound like that. I am just not pushing it all the way. If you hear that noise, chances are it’s working fine. Now you can test you, but before I did that, I would check the thermal fuse in the back. Let’s pull this out and I will show you where that is. Okay. The dryer is pulled away from the wall.

I am going to remove this back panel by unscrewing all of these screws. They fit great inside a standard driver with removable tips. Before I do that, I am definitely going to unplug this, because this is the one home appliance you don’t want to mess with when it comes to electricity. I was helping a friend move not long ago and he brought his dryer from his old house to his new house and his, I believe it was a Maytag, it actually had the thermal fuse right here, accessible on the panel itself.

clothes dryer problems 2So you didn’t have to take this whole thing off, that’s kind of how common these are to go out. So let’s remove this. Looking at the back you can easily find it by following the wires. There it is, right there, the thermal fuse. It is usually white and you only have two wires going to it and it looks really simple, doesn’t it? It’s a little bit of a notch in there to slipped onto that piece of metal and then the other is just held in with one screw.

So we are going to disconnect these wires and test it with the multimeter. Okay. Here is a very inexpensive ohmmeter, I have it set to 200 Ohms of resistance and you can also use that setting if you want to, it doesn’t really matter, we are just looking to see if this display changes at all when I hook these two leads up. So I’ll hook one up there and we will check the display. Yup, check that up. Point six. And I were to connect these together.

Point five. So it’s showing that there is an electric current that is traveling through. If you need to buy a new fuse, they are pretty inexpensive, just a couple bucks and that includes shipping. You can get them online, you can get them at a lot of places with appliances repair places. I don’t know if Home Depot or Lowe’s sells them, so if somebody else knows, put it in the comment section.

You see how these wires are the same color? Usually, whenever you see that, it means it doesn’t matter which one hooks up to what. So blue and blue, I could have swapped them. It’s not going to matter on the fuse. So if your fuse wasn’t the problem, it could be your start switch. You would take this off and test it the same way, making sure that when you pushed it, you are getting current on the two leads, so that it’s signaling to the dryer to start. I hope that helped.

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