Building a Gate

Building a Gate

building a gate FToday I want to discuss with you how I would build a gate for a fence. We have already built the fence and as far as the gate goes, I have already pre fabed the main framework to the gate just to speed up time.

So you can see I have constructed it out of two by four framing. So I built my outside framework and I used construction adhesive and screws to hold it together, I then put in an angled cross brace which will help support this far end from sagging. The right hand end will be the end that’s hinged and it’s going to go right over in this opening right here.

So this will be where the gate will be and it will swing out like that. So the reason for this crossbrace piece here is to prevent, overtime, the gate from sagging since it will be supported well on that side with hinges to the post but not as well on this side so that will give it some extra support and again, that is screwed in and I used construction adhesive as well.

So I did that last night just so it had time to dry and secure up, when you are building the frame, just measure simply from corner to corner, diagonally. Once you have the same measurement both ways, you know you have got it sitting there square. Ok so what I am going to do is lay it down here on the ground to work on it. I am going to use these fence pickets as a guide and you will see what that is all about once I get moving here so I moved my framework up against those pieces I am going to use as a guide.

fence gateI have got my pickets cut right here, ready to do and I have already figured out my layout for the pickets so I don’t have any problems in the end. In my case, I am going to be able to start with using these pieces here as a guide for the height of the pickets off the rail, off the frame so I am just putting it flush at this end. In my case, I am just leaving it back here about an eighth of an inch from the frame, yours might be different depending on how you have laid yours out.

And just like the fence video, I am going to use this just to tack the pickets in place to start with. Ok so that’s one, now just like before, I am going to use a space of three quarters of an inch which is just scrap piece of the pickets and that will be my spacer. So I get this flush, bring it over tight against those spacers and I will just work my way across the gate just like that.

Ok so I have just tacked all my pickets on with the brad nailer and the reason for that is it’s easy to pull them off if something doesn’t work out right and it’s quick to get them tacked and in place. Now I can go back and screw them into place now that I am happy with where they are and I just made up a simple jig so I can mark them all out the same, the jig sits nicely on top of the picket and then I have got marks on these ledgers that just indicate where the screws should be.

Just keeps my screws all lined up fairly consistent just so that it will look better so I am going to go ahead and mark these all out and then pop two screws in each one and then we will move on.

Ok so we have got all the screws in, I just used regular screws cause we are using spruce lumber here, I pre painted it all once just before I assembled it then there is no bare wood anywhere on it that’s going to rot out prematurely so like I said, it’s all spruce lumber so we are able to use normal screws, I put two in each picket at each end and then I also stripped down that cross brace just to give it a little bit more strength for not sagging.

So now my hinges… I obviously bought a package with hinges in it so I am going to get the right screws out here and I want to line the hinges up with the top and bottom framework that’s behind there, that way if your screws are a little bit longer, it will also go into that framework and be a little stronger, these ones are about an inch long so they would project through the picket if we just screwed in to the picket and they would be pokey on the back side.

So I am just lining up my hinge where I want it to be, about there and you will have to determine that just by the spacing of your gate and everything, something I didn’t mention was the framework for the gate, I cut it about three quarters of an inch narrower then the opening, that way you have room to work just in case your posts aren’t plum and a little bit of clearance when it’s opening and closing.

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