Build Your Own Gate – part 2

Build Your Own Gate – part 2

Putting up a gate – at least writing about putting up a gate – take a while. I figured it would be easier for you to digest in 2 parts, so I split it up. If you want to go back and read the first part, just click here for part 1.

gate postOk so just getting that hinge straight, I actually should have a bigger driver. Let’s see if I can make this one work. Ok this hole here is really close to the edge of the picket so I am just going to leave that one out for now, if I need it, I will pre drill that hole and try to get one in there without splitting, okay I’ve got this in place now I’m just going to take it over to the opening and get them out on the fence. Okay so off camera, I just have the camera guy give me a hand, basically what you want to do is once you’ve got your pickets on the gate, just take the gate to the opening, use some blocks or shims or whatever you need, as you can see I did on the bottom, get your gates sitting the way you’re happy with it in the opening and then at that point, you’ll be able to mount the hinges.

So I’m at that point now. Okay so I’ve got that, I just put two screws in, I’m going to pull the blocks out, so I just want to see how the gate hangs sometimes, in this case, we only got one post here besides the house. So it’s not, it’s acting on to support this gate. So what may happen when we take that out is the gate may, with the weight of it, just want to move over just a little bit. So I just want to check that before I get it to screwed into place, actually it didn’t seem to move at all so I think we’re going to be alright.

Just going to check the operation, something to watch, we’ve got sidewalks here that are little uneven so I’ve cut the gate a little extra high. Just so that it’ll clear any snow or debris here that might get in the way here or if the sidewalk moves, heaves it all. So it seems to operate quite fine, our gap stayed pretty good there. So I’m just going to put the rest of these screws in. Okay so we’ve got those in there like so the gate’s working pretty good now I’ve got a latch, latch to put in it that’ll keep it closed, so the way this latch works I’m sure that everybody has seen these before is this part here will be mounted on the fence and this rod part will be on the gate.

build a gate part 2So that when the gate closes, this rod goes inside of this catch and it can open again until you’ve lifted that lever. So we just need to determine where exactly we’re going to put that and again it’s nice to try to mount these in an area that you’ve got some extra wood in behind, some thickness so you can use some longer screws if you need to, these tend to get a little bit worn over time and need to be tightened up so I’m going to line up the rod here, pretty happy right there with it, I’m just going to mark my position there, I’m going to mount it, try to work to the sides so you can see.

Just get it up there have a look, it looks like it’s leveled, throw both screws in and for the latch, looks like we’re missing one screw. For the latch, it’s just as easy as lining it up until that strikes it and holds it in the right spot and then we’ll mount on to the fence, just to eyeball it up so it looks straight. Okay so we have that working fine, it latches the gate and holds the gate closed. If you had an exceptionally tall fence, this is accessible, possibly by reaching over where in this case it will be but if it wasn’t, put a small hole in the top here of this closing mechanism.

So you can run a string and even sometimes it isn’t in this package but even sometimes, a string, that you can run up to a hole through a picket or whatever with a hoop on the other end so you can reach from the inside to operate the latch as well, so I don’t think there’s anything else I can show you there, the important thing is just getting your framework to be secured, there are kits out there, metal bracket kits you can buy, you basically build the frame the same but there is reinforcing brackets that you know would fit in there from places if you maybe have a gate that is saying right now and that’s all it needs just to secure it up a little better or you can put it on your new existing one too.

So I hope this was helpful for you, if you’re planning on this type of project, at least you’re kind of pointed in the right direction at this point, one thing just to remember is I like to pre-paint everything so you don’t have that bare wood on, bare wood anywhere that the pickets cross the framework, it’s just a spots for the rocks to start right away so that’s good, so hope you can make your gate look just as good or better than this one and if there’s any other projects that maybe you need a bit of hand with, check out our other videos here on our YouTube channel or you can go to our website at house-improvements dot com and from there you can find some articles, you can also find our forum there which lots of people are tuning in there and getting some helpful advice and lots of people are even posting up their pictures of projects they have finished up through the help of us and others on the forum. So thanks for watching.

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